2015 has got me wound

This year seems to be steam rolling……

The overwhelming productiveness urge and need to spring clean my life from top to bottom is fierce this year.  More so than I can ever remember. Watch out to-do list…I am coming for you.

Last week, while digging in the safe, I came across my 2011 goals unopened.  Yeah, Yeah….I know, sue me.  Anyway, in great multitasker fashion, I skimmed the page and stuffed it back in the safe. But I have been chewing on the list ever since. You see, most of the list would still be on my goal list for 2015 if I had written them yet.

Finish floor plans, work on house cost-estimate, finish paying off credit card debit, HAVE A BABY……Ok, I did get pregnant in 2011 with Mae Mae so I did get that one done…but since we have been trying since 2009, it is always on the list.

I spent the weekend working on plans with an engineer friend and surveying the house site.  PROGRESS…..

Started seed in the basement for all the high tunnel tomatoes and cucumbers. PROGRESS………………..

Wrapped up endless hours pouring over seed catalogs and placed the remaining seed order.  There are 10,000 onions headed our way first of March. PROGRESS………

I have this overwhelming (mostly claustrophobic) urge to purge what hasn’t already been displaced from our home.  When I open the hallway utility closet I feel like I can’t breath….The donation box is going to get a work out this weekend.

Do you ever daydream about selling everything buying a van and hitting the road?  Or traveling till the money ran out.  Just a plane ticket and a backpack…… I do…Always have, but more so this January than ever before.  There are so many great road schooling families traveling the world and blogging all about it.  Checkout #ouropenroad on Instagram and you will want to flee the mainland too.

I want to write more.  Screw these little snippets of few minutes I find now and then at work.  I want to actually find time to write.

This is the year…I can feel it.   Possibilities seem truly endless right now.

The year that the list gets completed or burned.  Whichever comes first.

I can’t take the weight of it any longer.

Something has to get lighter.

I have never picked a word of the year. Always thought is was a little damn cheesy but that last sentence just hit home.


Yep,  I think it picked itself.




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