paleo it is

Due to health issues surrounding our struggle with infertility, my doctor strongly suggested a strict paleo diet about six months ago…..

NO gluten, NO grain, NO sugar, NO dairy.  This went into effect the first day of my last miscarriage.  There was no transition period and no tip-toeing.  By the time I got home from the doctor’s office the tide had turned.

I am now six months in and have had some major improvements.  My skin has finally cleared.  I am shedding the last of the baby weight (25 lbs so far).  My digestive issues have disappeared.  My cycles have normalized some and we will be giving this baby making thing another try this year.

I have been eating low carb for the better part of a decade.  Most everyone I know, knew better than to offer me dessert.   I have dealt with break room lunch politics and snide comments and looks of disgust at my plate of veggies.  I thought I was ready for this.

Boy, was I ever not ready…….What people don’t understand, they will ridicule.

Here is a little list to help clear things up……

This is not a diet change because “gluten-free” is trendy right now.  Gluten free is not grain free….Remember that.

This is not a new years diet resolution.

This is not just a quick fix in an attempt to have a baby.

This is not a vain attempt to lose the rest of the baby weight though that has been a nice bonus.

This is not a temporary change as I will not be able to return to any other diet. EVER.  Any gluten, sugar, dairy, or grain causes an immune response in which my thyroid gets the brunt of.

This is a lifestyle change.  Emphasis on the LIFE….as in for LIFE.

Don’t pressure me to just have a “one bite”.  One bite can trigger an immune response that can last up to six months.  This has to be hard-core.  There is no other option.

Don’t pressure me for an explanation when I have to decline an invite to a meal out.  How embarrassed would you feel if you had to explain to a colleague why you can’t attend that free work lunch?

Don’t offer other diet solutions based on a half-assed attempt to read a portion of an article somewhere.

Don’t question me regarding the identity of the “unknown to you” food item on my plate.  You are going to make an ass out of yourself when the rest of the room finds out you don’t know what a brussel sprout or an avocado is.  It is not my job to help you learn the names of all the veggies in this world.

Don’t tell me the health/diet stories of your long-lost relatives.

Don’t praise my will power and ask me how I do it.  I don’t have a choice and that makes it easier but drawing attention to it makes that chocolate cake look really damn good and I don’t even like cake.

I don’t have the desire or time to explain the intricacies of my autoimmune disorder.  So please don’t ask.  You are going to have to just take my word for it that I CAN’T EAT THE TINIEST AMOUNT OF GLUTEN.  I am not obligated to prove it to you.

If I had a nut allergy, no one would even bat an eye and would more than likely be most helpful.

Just because my lunch box is just about as healthy as it gets, I am not judging yours.  I could honestly care less what you eat.  Your life, your food.

Let me eat in peace.

Please know that the next person you run across with some wacky looking food on their plate or the next person to decline a meal out with no apparent reason,  could have much more at stake.  MANY, MANY, MANY, people on this plant must be very selective about what nutrients they consume.  Please don’t make assumptions or judgments.  If fact, don’t draw attention to it at all and roll on.  The best way to be supportive is to remind yourself that it is really none of your business.




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