We are a family that holds dear to faith, family and farm.

We are a family of strong conservative values.
We are a family that takes pride in working on the farm.
We value hard work, honesty, integrity and family.
We have a fierce love of nature, wildlife and rural living.

This is our family’s little spot in the world to document our journey, our chaos and everything else in between right here on the farm.

We are currently a family of three…Stacie, Eddie and baby Mae….

Our little family of three joins my folks, Yaya and Papa on the farm.

This particular property has been with us since 2003. Prior to that we owned another operation in an adjacent county and we have been in the farming business since 1990.

It hasn’t always been farm life for us. We were drudging along in suburbia until I was about ten, when my parents made the big leap and moved us cross country and bought a farm. Yes, our extended family still thinks we are nuts but it worked for us. All three of us kids went from riding our bikes around the block to roaming over 400 acres of pasture and woodland. We purchased a beautiful and remote property although not very productive as it turned out. That led to selling and buying this farm in 2003. This time around I purchased the farm as a partner with my folks.

Eddie joined the operation when we got married in 2009 and Mae Mae is getting her feet wet with farm life everyday. There isn’t another lifestyle that would work any better for our family. We love it. It is hard work but every blood, sweat, family fight and tear are worth it.


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