Talking with Mae


Entering the room with her hands up.

Mae:  F…B…I!

Mommy:  (blinks)

Mae:  You go to jail.  (As she pulls my hands behind my back and tries to pull me to her bedroom)


Mae:  (finger stuck up her nose and digging around with a very serious look on her face)

Mommy:  Are you okay?  Did you get it?

Mae: Yes….It looks like chicken.


As a group of Daddy’s friends left the house a couple of evenings ago.

Mae:  Bye, Dudes!


Out of the blue..

Mae:  I want to have baby when I grow big.  I will cuddle her.

Mommy:  (cue the tears)


Something she picked up from her cousin and we hear it often…….

Mae:  Mommy!  I just need you.


While making the second trip to the potty after bedtime.

Mommy:  Do you really have to potty, or are you faking?

Mae:  Shhhhhh!  I am sleepwalking.




Talking with Mae

Mommy: Will you please eat another bite of your dinner?
Mae: (shakes her head)
Mommy: Please?
Mae: No, my mouth is closed tonight.

After waking from a nap in which the first snow of the year fell….
Mommy: I have a surprise for you. Go look out the window.
Mommy: (sorry sweets…not quite)

Standing at the window watching Eddie pull up to the house with a deer in the back of the truck.
Mae: Mommy! Look! Deer.
Mommy: Yes. Daddy killed at deer this morning and he is bringing it home.
Mae: Thank you Daddy. I LOVE IT!

After going outside to see and touch the deer that Eddie killed this weekend.
Mae: MOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYY! (holding out her hand that had a hint of deer blood on it)
Mommy: Yes?
Mae: Look. I died.


Talking with Mae

While riding on Papa shoulders up the cattle lane.
Mae: (pulls papa’s hat down over his eyes)
Papa: Hey! I can’t see.
Mae: Sorry dude.

Mommy: Mae, would you like some pomegranate?
Mae: Yes.
Mommy: Is it yummy?
Mae: No. Special.

Mommy: How is your pudding?
Mae: It likes my stomach.

Attempting to explain the logistics of trick-or-treating.
Mommy: We will go to the neighbors and they will give you candy.
Mommy: Do you understand what we are going to do?
Mae: We go get a lot of sugars.
Mommy: Yes, we do. I should have just said that.

Since Mae was an infant, I would ask her about her day when I got home from work.
Mommy: Mae, how as your day? What did you do today? Tell me all about it.
Infant Mae:
Now she beats me to the punch.
Mommy: Hi sweets!
Toddler Mae: Lets talk about it.

The new bedtime routine includes a second trip back to the potty after lights out. After we are done…..
Mommy: Night Mae. Love you. See you in the morning!
Mae: Alligator.


Talking with Mae

While in the bathtub before bed…..
Mae: toots (super loud) in the tub.
Mommy: Mae, did you poop in the bathtub?
Mommy: Mae, is there poopy in the tub?
Mae: I hear thunder.

Climbs up on the couch with newspaper in hand.
Mae: I need my glasses.

Eddie turns off the tv.
Mae: Oh, shit.
Mommy: No, Mae. That is a bad word. Try saying, “Oh, bummer”.
Mae: NO MOMMY! Bummer is bad word.


Talking with Mae

Eddie:  What do you and your friend Harper talk about at daycare?

Mae Mae:  Guys……



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