how much is just enough?

How much is just enough?

Ever notice how fascinated we are about getting size just so….clothes, cars, people, houses….. We have a love affair with getting it just right. Not too much or not enough…..

What happens if we come up a little short anyway???  Is it the idea of being in need or a small inconvenience or hardship that makes us squirm?

I get it, I really do…..I have the need to tweak, and reshape every faucet of my life to make it fit just right.

I am paralyzed with fear that I will plan, build and move into a home with too much or too little space.  The obvious solution is to build it a little larger just in case…

In case of what???? That I don’t know.

A bit much is too much for my wallet and for my imaginary cleaning fairy that I will have to hire one day when I am rolling in money….. How many tomatoes to you think I need to sell to meet THAT goal?

So again we are back to the getting it just right….How will I know?????

Too skinny, too fat, too tall, too short.

I guess we are all a little bit too much or too little of something.





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