Christmas Playhouse

Sometimes the best of Pinterest intentions get you a cardboard box.

Granted, it is a sweet little box complete with shingles and pink gingerbread.

Keeping the tradition of making Mae a Christmas gift alive, I turned to this pin that I have been swooning over for months. It just looked so simple and sweet to pass up on.


So off to Staples I went for the foam board.  Our local stores don’t carry the right size so I had to place an online order.  No biggie, just had it shipped straight to my office…..Well, until it got here that is.  The damn box was so big, there was no way to fit it in the car.  So after a vehicle switch-a-roo with my mother, I was able to get the box home.  That was the only real hiccup with the supplies, unless you count someone (not me) placing a large box over the duct tape and exacto knife rendering them lost in the storage room forever.  Forever turned out to be right after Christmas….after I had replaced all the supplies.

I followed the diagrams to the tee but the measurements aren’t accurate.  I had to take the liberty of some customization but I finished up the paint touch up and duct tape reinforcement on Christmas Eve as Mae Mae and Daddy snoozed away.

(Eddie has taken up the bedtime reading task but falls asleep right along and even before Mae sometimes.  The other night, she came to my bed to tell me she needed to use the potty.  I asked her where Daddy was and she started making snoring sounds.  Daddy was out cold…..)




If you follow this pin please take the measurements as a general guideline.





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