Talking with Mae

Mommy: Will you please eat another bite of your dinner?
Mae: (shakes her head)
Mommy: Please?
Mae: No, my mouth is closed tonight.

After waking from a nap in which the first snow of the year fell….
Mommy: I have a surprise for you. Go look out the window.
Mommy: (sorry sweets…not quite)

Standing at the window watching Eddie pull up to the house with a deer in the back of the truck.
Mae: Mommy! Look! Deer.
Mommy: Yes. Daddy killed at deer this morning and he is bringing it home.
Mae: Thank you Daddy. I LOVE IT!

After going outside to see and touch the deer that Eddie killed this weekend.
Mae: MOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYY! (holding out her hand that had a hint of deer blood on it)
Mommy: Yes?
Mae: Look. I died.



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