just in case you are wondering….

Things about me.


  1. I have to sleep with a fan and I love the comforting sound of a space heater. (I run one most of the year round in my office)
  2. Type A. Enough said.
  3. I would rather listen to NPR or sit in silence during my commute. It is when I do my best thinking.
  4. I crave functionality in my work and home.
  5. I don’t like cake or baked goods…But don’t try and stop me from a good piece of dark chocolate.
  6. I have no fashion sense. Never have had. But I am working on it.
  7. I am energized by planning. I love logistics.
  8. Sometimes I am so organized I loose things.
  9. I don’t have a facebook page and don’t see the need to get one.
  10. Most of my girlfriends live elsewhere and I find it hard to branch out locally to make new friends.
  11. I love to clean and declutter. It is refreshing.
  12. I literally dream of house plans daily.
  13. I am an interior design blog junky.
  14. I would love to have many more babies, God willing.
  15. I got my first smart phone six months ago and I am hooked.
  16. I grew up in a house with no TV and would love to get there again one day.
  17. I can’t take a decent selfie. I have proved it to be impossible.
  18. All the things I gave my mom hell about…I am now doing. (Yes, I wan’t my own homemade yogurt maker.)
  19. I am an acupuncture and chiropractor kinda of girl.
  21. I love a good wheat beer. Not much of a wine fan.
  22. I love a good concert.
  23. I love a good hot day on the river.

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