running 100 years late

I have always felt like I was born in the wrong century.  Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of modern conveniences that I adore but I have romanticized life before all of this.

A life of homesteading and homemaking.

A life of simple living.

A life of simple joys.

A life of tight-knit families and community.

A life of hard hard work and no idle hands.

Do you ever wonder about the simplicity of it all?



3 responses

  1. Hi Stacie,

    Yes, I wonder about it all and then tune something modern out. Actually, it doesn’t have to be modern, just noisy or depleting my family is enough to have me saying “no”.

    I’m currently enjoying a book called Quiet – The Power of Introverts in a World that Won’t Quit Talking. The author spends time early on in the book talking about how our world shifted to this louder, personality based system about 100 years ago. Think about it – movies, radio, etc. – they’re not bad – INDEED I love radio! – but they did totally shift the platform for communicating. Writing was the norm prior. Writing requires a lot of patience and introspection and knowledge. Talking like we have these is more of a sales gig than a discipline. 🙂 Maybe that’s too harsh.

    Maybe not.

    I’ve definitely felt like I was trying to “present” my life as admirable so that others would buy into my idea of who I should be…instead of just quietly, happily being me.

    My Farmer is good at just being him and us just being us and letting the rest go.

    So, yes, I think about simpler times when community was the immediate geographic area, we made more with our hands, we valued strong character over acting happy and extroverted. It just seems simpler. Of course, dying of things that antibiotics fix nowadays or not having the option for less pain in childbirth are modern perks to be adored.

    Anyhow, Quiet is a great read (or listen if you check things out online from the library). And I’m thinking that finding your post today is a blessing – a way of me bringing all these thoughts and longings full circle and feeling some camaraderie with you – and knowing that it’s okay to just write and build a life that’s wholesome and educated and important – to me and my Farmer!

    Thanks for such a great question!
    Emily Grace

    • Thank you so very much for your thoughtful and introspective reply. It is much appreciated. I get wrapped in my own head and begin to think that it is only just me doubting the fast paced, lights flashing, overwhelmning hype of it all. Nodding our heads in agreement on even just this little point makes the sense of community just a hint stronger each time:)
      Thank you also for the suggestion on a good read. I am entrigued by the title and will check it out.
      It is so nice to have your here. I am very much impressed with your writing and how you present yourself on your blog. I am honored to have you take a peak at mine.

      • Thanks, Stacie! I like your space, too! It’s simple, clean, well-photographed and thoughtfully written. All my favorite ingredients for favored blogs!

        Indeed, I am nodding my head in agreement! 🙂

        Emily Grace

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