Weekend Roundup Vol. 14

What a fall weekend! I always get energized this time of year to wrap up everything still on the summer farm list and prep for winter…I think that instinct to prep and plan and hunker down for the long hard winter is alive and well in me.

Wood for Eddie to cut and haul….

Windows for me to wash. Self clean on the oven to run while we can still have the windows open.

We have a fire in the furnace most nights and it is dreamy to come home to the faint hint of ash and burning wood in the house.

Garden is going great. Weeded, fertilized, and watered over the weekend. Made for some perky plants.




We took an unoffical “what I wore to mass – kids version” and I was shocked to learn I have a five-year old in the house. Look at her all grown up. How did that happen?




Mae is loving the hay bales.  They make a great place to hide as she runs up and down the rows.




We did some fall cleanup in the way of a burn pile on Sunday. Mae and I hung out watching the fire while Eddie stoked the fire tractor style. We were only missing a hot dog and a marshmallow to top it off with.






This may very well be Mae’s first selfie.




Since my posts and my thoughts have been house site related lately, it seemed fitting to include a shot from the now leading house site.    It shifted east by a quarter-mile.  What a beautiful fall view!




Exploring passive house design and planning on scheduling a consultation with a contact I got from a friend in the middle of her solar install.  I want his help evaluating the site for potential before we go too much further.  He is out lecturing till the end of the year, so I will have to sit on my hands, devore his books and wait until he returns.






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