confessions of a serial mover

I have moved something like 20 plus times. I honestly stopped counting and it makes my head hurt to think back and try to figure it out. But I grew up with kids that have had the same bedroom their entire lives and never started at a new school. That is a mind-blowing concept for me. As a kid, I was envious, confused, and suspicious of someone who had never moved….ever…..

Even though new towns, people and experiences shaped me and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I am staring down the barrel of Mae Mae growing up in mostly the same spot in the world her whole life. It is comforting in a way. She will always know where home is. But I worry.

What if she doesn’t get that exposure to new places like I did? How do I expose her to all the world has to offer from the same small 240 ac spot in the world.

end of the season sunflowers

end of the season sunflowers overlooking the turnips

I spent half my childhood in Los Angeles. Visiting Grandparents in a high-rise condo in Century City. Eating out at over priced restaurants where children should have never been. Day trips to Malibu. Birthdays at the beach. Traffic jams on the 405 freeway. Yearly trips to Disneyland.

Granted, I don’t want to live that life but will Mae miss out???

Is it possible to live a simple self sustaining lifestyle on a rural farm and not shelter your children?

Where do I start?


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