the destruction of a toddler

Mae is a sweet-natured toddler that is just now really starting to tantrum those terrible two’s. And she is already half way to age three.

So, I need to confess:

We have never really had to baby proof much in our home. If we say NO a few times, she usually will respect it.

No foreign objects have went for swim in our toilet yet.

Coloring on the walls has been limited to a few instances. And even then, she ran to tell me that she had made a mess and she used the magic eraser herself to clean up.

No poop has made its way out of a diaper and onto a wall or anything for that matter.

No dishes have been broken.

No couches have been ruined.

No priceless keepsakes have been broken/lost/destroyed. (In retrospect, that may only because we don’t really have anything that precious.)

All of the above is why I was totally shocked to find that with just the aid of one of my earrings and with only 4.6 seconds, Mae could destroy the charger port in my car. At first, I thought that just my charger had gone bad. After replacing the charger, it became apparent that she had worked some toddler magic on the port.

And you know the crazy thing? My first thought was that perhaps we need to trade vehicles sooner rather than later. Plans are the in the works for a minivan near the end of year and the thought of not being able to charge my phone sent chills down my spine and for just a crazy second, I was willing to replace my car to charge my phone. Talk on the phone much, Stacie?????

And yes, I realize that the karma alone from writing this down will be biting me in the butt by the time I get home today. My house will most likely be in shambles by 4pm.

reading her paper

reading her paper


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