confession of a renter

The house I desire today is nothing like the one I desired a year ago or 5 years ago.

Because we are planning on building a home on our farm, there is no option to trade in a starter home. We can’t sell out to get a little more elbow room or a dreamy kitchen.

That being said……

I want to OWN A HOME AGAIN. I bought my first house by myself at the age of 25. Sold it at 28 after a job transfer back home and have been renting ever since. I am thirty-five now. Do the math.

Building is on hold for now…Pesky things like finances and a location. You see, the location keeps moving. Our farm is shaped like a T and not more than a 1/4 mile wide and finding a location off the road, away from neighbors, but not so remote that I would have to give the electric company Mae as collateral is a tall order.

I have floorplans and I have more floorplans. My Houzz portfolio is bursting. My Pinterest boards and folders are full. I have three-ring binders of plans and hundreds of magazine tear outs. You get the picture.

I dream floorplans. And I mean literally DREAM FLOORPLANS….

Am I the only crazy lady that does that? When I am struggling with the placement of a wall or the flow of a room, it will sometimes smack me upside the head in the middle of the night while flopping around the bed like a fish.

So, why on earth do I tell you all of this? What is the point?

I am so glad we have not completed our home yet.

I know that sounds completely flaky but as much as I desire to get the ball rolling on the project, here it the thing…..If we had already completed a home or started on one…..I am sure I would hate it. If that sounds a little like a commitment issue, it may be. But the pins from a few years ago and the floorplans from 5 years ago are not me or us as a family. I am not talking about a child friendly home prior to having kids and knowing what we would need. I am talking about priorities.

The plans keep getting smaller, not more elaborate as time goes on.   Not one iota of what was critical to the design a year ago, applies today.

Yes, I still want to look east out of a kitchen window and still be able see a car pull up the driveway.  Yes, I still want a separate den to tuck the TV away.  Yes, I still want the bedrooms to be in a separate wing from the main living area.

But function has taken the stage front and center.  I have never been much of a trend following kind of gal.  Growing up in the Ozarks will teach you that each trend you see is approx 5-10 years old by the time it makes its way here anyway.  But these days, “trendy” has taken on a whole new meaning of nausea.

This aversion to building a marketable and trendy home has forced me down a rabbit hole of tiny homes, minimalist blogs and passive buildings.  Conventional building will not fit our mold any longer.

So, can I get a Hallelujah for commitment issues and being broke?  Lets all raise a beer or bottle of milk to the rental home.

The only home I know with a return policy.

this little house needs a pat on the back

this little house needs a pat on the back


the view from the housesite currently in the lead

the view from the housesite currently in the lead


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