hellish morning

You know the kind …….

3:18 wakeup call from Mae
3:59 get her settled and head back to bed
4:00 Eddie’s fog horn of an alarm goes off
4:09 damn thing goes off again
4:10 he is up
4:45 finally fall asleep
4:55 she is up again. get her some milk and slide into her bed
5:29 she is snoring away, arms wrapped tight around my neck, pressed cheek to cheek

Mae: Mommy, is it morning time?
Me:   No sweets, go back to sleep.

5:31 pulls me by the hand to the bathroom
5:45 still playing on the potty. no success
5:46 give Mae a book or two, jump in the shower and ask Mae to stay put. she does.
5:55 time to give up on the potty. ask her to bring me a pullup and she comes back with panties and insists she put them on. despite the imminent danger I agree.
6:00 start breakfast, pick up living room, pack lunch, layout clothes, and in general walk in lots of circles

Mae: Mommy, I pee-pee’d.
Me:   Where?
Mae: In the floor. look!

6:12 throw a wipe over the wet spot and attempt to catch the streaking toddler
6:15 catch her and put her up on the changing table.
6:16 surprise! she pooped in her panties too.
6:20 get things somewhat cleaned up and decide to throw the panties away
6:30 attempt to eat my cold eggs
6:31 mae refuses any and all breakfast. no eggs. no waffles
6:40 the basement door opens and Papa arrives for the morning daycare run. Mae is thrilled.
6:50 attempt to dry my hair, slap on some clothes and makeup
7:05 say goodbye to Mae.
7:06 She throws her little arms around my neck and says: “Mommy, we best friends!”

I melt and mentally start my entire day over. Give her kisses from head to toe and send her off to play with Papa.  Man, I love this kid.


I drive to work with a grin on my face. Now, if only I could stay awake.


2 responses

    • Looking back as this post…I think I should have named it heavenly morning. What do you think? Mornings start around here at 5-530. No getting around it.

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