Mae Day

This little blog has a bit of an identity crisis most days. It wants to be a farm blog or diy blog, but it keeps slipping into mommy blog land. Who am I to fight it?

So this morning is all about Mae.  All 2 1/2 years of cuteness. Little Bit. Little Miss. Mae Mae. Sweets.


She ran right up to this pumpkin, wrapped her little arms around it and exclaimed, “I love it, I love it!”.



This is a ballet costume of mine circa 1986 that Mae proudly struts around in.  When Eddie offered her a handful of popcorn, she took the whole bowl and sat right down in the kitchen to munch on her “aircorn”.



We ventured to the hair salon last week for Mae’s first real haircut.  As we entered the doors of the salon she called out, “Me get haircut!” to anyone that would listen. A little trim on the ends and some new bangs and she was thrilled.  She loved the entire experience.


I have to confess that we have only taken Mae out for ice cream once.  Not just once this year, but once ever…..We just don’t eat it and it is ten miles away so excuses, excuses it hasn’t happened much.  Mae was more interested in all the people than the ice cream.  A few licks and a couple of spoonfuls from me and she was done.  Another example of misplaced mommy guilt.


This brave kid has little to no fear.  She loves animals without trepidation.  Squeezes those kitties, pulls the dog’s tail, talks to the cows, and stomps on bugs.  After finding a snake in the road that Yaya ran over, she got down nose to nose with it and probably would have tried to put it in her pocket if I had let her.  She is the sweetest and toughest little girl I know.

She asks to go on adventures which are usually farm exploration walks on the farm.  Last weekend, YaYa, Mae and I walked the half mile up to the back pond looking for frogs.  They were a little too quick for us to catch but Mae loved it just the same.

Our morning routine has settled into a super sweet cuddly routine at the crack of dawn.  Mae woke at 4:45 this morning for a little milk and mommy time. I slide into bed with her and after sucking down a bottle, she throws both her arms around my neck, grins real big and falls back sleep.  All of this happens with her eyes still closed.  Sometimes, after 10-20 min or so, I can slide out of that little embrace and salvage a chance at a shower before work.  This morning, we did this twice.  4:45 and 6:30.  Two bottles, two cuddle sessions and she was back asleep.  Only to be awoken by the dog barking at 7:00.  All of this plays havoc on a morning schedule for a working mom but I can’t and won’t bring myself to change it.  I miss so much during the day that a few extra minutes in the morning are too precious to waste.

I don’t know what we would do without this little bundle of sweetness.

I am oh so grateful.



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