it is not NYC

Do you dream of greener pastures?


And even though suburbia seems like a concrete hell to me, I do daydream every now and then about the simplicity it might bring. Sidewalks to ride bikes. Big garages and community pools. The flexibility to travel without being tied down to farm chores and needy livestock.

Life just looks a little easier and comfortable with all the amenities at your fingertips.

Sometimes I wonder if we are missing out on something….that something is nothing that I can ever put my finger on….I don’t know what it is…But I think everyone always wonders a least a little bit if life is really greener on the other side.

But then I visit family in the city, and I know that it could never be home. It always takes a few days or weeks to shake it….. “IT” being this overwhelmed and disenchanted ache in the pit of my stomach.


We have a family saying when we are a flat overwhelmed. It is something my grandma said many times a day and it became an inside joke at first.
She would say often, “It is a bit much you know.” (Make sure you reading that last line with a Welsh accent to get the full effect.)

Too much food on my plate, too loud, too bright, too over the top, too materialistic, too gaudy, too much of anything really and it became “a bit much”.

Anything frivolous and gluttonous – “a bit much”.

I will admit that it used to drive me batty. I would show grandma something new or impressive in my eyes and it was almost a sure…. “a bit much”.

The older I get the more I catch myself saying it…

Suburbia mini-mansions, luxury cars, exorbitant clothing and accessories, deadlines, social pressures…..
I get a little claustrophobic and it all sounds like clutter in my head and that equates to STRESSSSSSSSSSSSS!

So, in the end I will keep my lack of sidewalks, shopping of any sort, no TARGET in a 2 hour radius, and shoddy cell service. I am not built for suburbia or the city…..

I need the quiet.


Yep, I said it. Grandma would be proud. Then she would tell me that this blog is all a bit much. There would be no winning…..Sorry, Grandma it will have to do.



2 responses

  1. When I was younger, I always wanted to live in a big city, among all these people, feel the rush, live fast. I no longer desire that. The city reminds me of how materialistic the world is. Consumptionism, money, money, money, to have more and more; we drown in our belongings and just unnecessary STUFF.
    I also want just peace and quiet. Life on a farm is probably much harder but it is so rewarding. I think you can actually feel you are living a fulfilling life.

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