healing slowly…..


Mae’s sweetness is keeping me going.


Moments like…..

When she puts her little arm around me while laying on the floor, coloring and says “ok, mommy?”

Yes, I am sweets.  Or, I will be soon.  No matter that I was writing out the names of all my babies on the coloring book at that exact moment. She knew.  Yes, she did.

Moments like…..

When we are cuddled up on the chaise lounge watching “evie” (TV in our house) and when I scooch her up higher so she can see better…..And she says, “no, mommy, cuddle” and she scooches right back down and lays her head on my chest.

Moments like……

Every morning without fail she wakes up at 5:30…..she just wants to get in bed with me to cuddle.  After a quick swig of milk she is fast asleep.

All the while, tugging on my ear for comfort.  There is no way I can sleep but it doesn’t matter.

Moments like…..

When Mae climbs up in her booster seat for dinner and says….“for this day…amen……god bless me”.

I wish I could say that it is due to our prayer diligence at the table but I will have to concede that it is probably the influence from daycare….


Another day with Mae is another day to heal.


2 responses

  1. I am so sorry for your loss, Stacie. No words can describe the feelings of yours. I’ll keep you in my prayers from now on; all I can do.
    Those moments with Mae – they are adorable. I had tears in my eyes while reading. She is a precious one, and I’m so glad that you’re one of those people who notice the tiny things in our lives which make it a better place.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. They made me tear up! Genuine heartfelt comments like this sure do ease the pain a little and the fear of putting it all out there for the the world to read. I really enjoy hearing from you!

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