i had a birthday

a big one.


It snuck up on me.  I remember forecasting from the ripe old age of 25 that I would be a little sad….depressed….or some other nonsense.  Isn’t that the typical stereotype of turning a big milestone age?

My grandma always said she was 29 when asked.  Even up into her seventies.  I guess that was the best stopping place for her.  I wonder what it was about that number.  Was it an extra special or was it only special because it wasn’t 30.  I will never know.

But,  I don’t wish to be another age.  This one is just fine.

I took the day off work and decided to make that a yearly tradition.  Even as Mae gets older she will still be out of school in July and I hope that we can have lots more just mommy and bebe days.

This birthday was as low-key as they get.  My parents came over in the morning for our family tradition of birthday pancakes.  I have had a box of gluten-free pancake mix lying around for a while and decide to give it a go….well, my dad’s response was “tastes like recycled cardboard”.  Needless to say, it wasn’t a hit but we had sausage on the side and managed to salvage the meal.

Then off to the farm to take a walk we went.

incredible cool weather in July

incredible cool weather in July


Yesterday’s weather was unbelievably nice.  High of 79 with a nice cool breeze.  If the air had had a touch of salt spray I would have sworn I was staying on the beach.  There wasn’t even a hint of a Missouri muggy July.  Papa requested that I order in the same type of weather for my next birthday as well.


hiking in July in rubberboots

hiking in July in rubberboots


We had lunch out in town with Yaya and I rounded out the afternoon with a massage that happened to fall on my birthday by pure dumb luck.

When I mentioned my birthday to my masseur she commented with excitement that 35 is such a fun age.  I am not sure I responded because I was drifting to sleep thinking about that statement……From my perspective:

Thirty-five is an exciting age.

Thirty five is the age of responsibility.

Thirty-five is the age of soul-searching.

Thirty-five is the age of family time.

Thirty-five is the age of hard work and planning.

It never occurred to me to think of this age as one of FUN.  I think I will have to give this all some more thought.  Because until yesterday, I didn’t realize that thirty-five is the age of whatever I want it be.






2 responses

  1. Best wishes on your birthday!! Birthdays are awesome! :)))
    How old do you feel, if I may ask? I once read in a Psychology textbook, that there are a few types of age, and one of the most important one is how old you feel.
    The surrounding you live in looks like a paradise! 79F sound heavenly! I live in Florida so at this moment I’m a bit jealous that you can take a walk longer than 3 minutes without profusely sweating 🙂

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes! I guess I am and feel 35 then! My sister also lives in fl so I hear about the heat often. We hit 97 today so summer is back with a vengeance.

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