salsa time

The tomato market has slowed a little as field tomatoes are finally ripening.  So we took a little time Sunday afternoon to try out a new salsa recipe.  It has been a least two years since we made any salsa and non of us were really ever quiet happy with all the other recipe attempts.


blanching the tomatoes for skin removal



I went to the web and pulled down the most basic recipe I could find.  I must admit I  have an aversion to cumin in salsa.  To me, it takes a little like chili masquerading as a salsa.  This was the first “non-cumin” recipe that I found.

And, I have to say.  I like it.  We made it fairly mild and I wished it were a little chunkier but over all it had good favor.

Since we are in the market to sell tomatoes, the ones that make it in to the kitchen for consumption are not always the prettiest.  We get the odd shapes and blemishes but it doesn’t affect the taste one bit.

skinned tomatoes waiting to be diced

skinned tomatoes waiting to be diced


Making salsa is messy as all get out.  The counters and floors will be a little sticky and the kitchen will be warm from all the blanching and the water bath.

dicing and dicing some more

dicing and dicing some more


painting break

painting break


But even a small batch like this is so worth it.  Nothing compares to the taste of homemade salsa.


the fruits of our labor

the fruits of our labor


4 responses

  1. Once in a while we buy a whole box of tomatoes (also not the prettiest ones; over 30pounds for $10), and we always make sun-dried tomatoes in the oven, and the rest goes for a tomato soup. Mmm, but salsa is a great idea! I should try it.

  2. P.S. My husband will be very happy if I attempt making salsa. When we were in a store once, he grabbed a jar of it and I, being a control freak, gave him that look -”we can make that at home without all the junk” 🙂
    P.S. Not related to the tomato story but today, July 26th, is all Anias’ name day. It isn’t celebrated in the US (mostly Eastern Europe) but I definitely remember. Happy name day to Anya! 🙂

    • I have never heard of a name day. I must go research now. I must tell her we can have a little dance party to celebrate!

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