the high of a new handbag

Hello, my name is Stacie and I have a problem… lifelong (all 35 years of it) quest for the perfect handbag.

Ladies, tell me that you all know what I mean.  The itch to find a bag that brings a new promise of form and function perfection.  A bright new pattern or soft leather that will make your heart skip a beat every time you enter the room and catch a glimpse.

My sad and sorry attempts to explain this to my husband fall on deaf ears and glazed over eyes.

My argument that this isn’t anything to do with fashion but strictly a practical matter are just laughed at.

But in recent years, the approach or hunt has changed.

First off,  the quantity has gone down as I have turned my focus to quality.  Out went all the $20 purses into the donation pile.  Off to a friend purse swap I went with 5 and returned with one… Progress.

Secondly, the functionality requirement took at big turn with the arrival of Mae and I had to figure a diaper bag in the mix.

Before Mae arrived, I spent $45 on an awesome green tote and justified the purchase declaring it had diaper bag potential.


beautiful tote but a terrible diaper bag where items disappear into a big black hole


look at this detail!

look at this detail!


Baby shower time arrived, and low and behold, I was gifted a diaper bag.  I filled it to the brim and off to the hospital we went.  I had convinced myself that I had to use my legitimate diaper bag, (bad plastic and all) and left my green tote at home.  It was overflowing with just the basics and I commented to my sister that I must really be going overboard hauling extra supplies.  On my first trip to Walmart when Mae was a few weeks old, I passed a few diaper bags on the shelf and they were three times the size of the little one I was carrying.  Ok, it wasn’t just me;  that bad bag was damn tiny.    Into the resale pile that little ugly bag went.  Thankfully no pictures survived.

Next, I moved on to a small crossbody bag, baby in the ergo and diapers in the car.  Worked pretty well since we didn’t really do any extra long outings.  I was just so opposed to the idea of a bag screaming DIAPER BAG.  And it seemed silly to haul a large bag when all my purse needs fit in a little clutch anyway.  I made it my mission to skip the diaper bag altogether.

My sister obviously knew I needed help in this department, because she ordered me to buy a Diaper Dude bag and sent me a Thirty-One bag as a gift.   Also under her instruction, I created a separate bag for daycare only that I used until around 14 mths when I stopped pumping.  The Diaper Dude has been a great addition for the men in the family as my Dad uses it more than anyone.  Eddie is more of a grab a diaper and hope for the best kind of guy.


Thirty-One bag we use for daycare

Thirty-One bag we use for daycare


But, as Mae has grown the need for a diaper bag has grown, not decreased as I expected.  There are more snacks, toys, games, books,  baby dolls, sunglasses, sunscreen, milk etc……..Oh, the days of nursing.  How nice to have  a built-in food supply 24-7!

Without realizing it, I had moved in to the multiple bag category.  Purse, lunch, and diaper bag for Mae.  It was getting out of control.

Then I stumbled across this Lily Jade bag.  Every Mommy Blog reader has probably seen lots of press on these bags.  I was a little hesitant at first since I have never purchased “designer” anything, much less a bag.  I must have read every review written and wore my family out with all the drooling.

I bit the bullet and ordered one for my birthday since they were on sale and I was petrified that they would be sold out again soon.  I have longed and drooled and wished and built up this new purchase so much that I was actually scared for it to arrive.  I so worried that I would be let down, since it seemed impossible to live up to those crazy expectations I had in my head.

my totally worth it designer diaper bag

my totally worth it designer diaper bag


But, it did.  I am wholeheartedly happy with my purchase, big price tag and all.

I remember one reviewer writing something along the lines of, “I didn’t even know how much I needed this in my life”.  That line came back to me as I swung this bag over my shoulder this morning.  She was so right.

I am so taken with the bag that I am a little disappointed that Mae hasn’t commented on it yet.  I am half expecting a “mommy bag pretty” or something like that.  Guess it is just a mommy thing.  Mae couldn’t care less how I carry her milk and diapers.

For now the hunt for the perfect bag is on hold….since the perfect bag for right now has arrived.



6 responses

  1. I have seen a similar bag (the same brand) on another blog just a couple of weeks ago. Great look! You can’t even tell it is a diaper bag! (well, I can’t 🙂

  2. Glad you found what you needed! 🙂 I use a trendy backpack with is GREAT when holding a child in one arm while hanging onto another one’s hand. It is BIG, fits everything I need, and never gets in the way. 🙂

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