odd and ends

The farmer’s markets continue around here.  Each Tuesday afternoon and Saturday morning you can find us (and I really mean Eddie) selling our veggies.  We are learning the inter-workings of the local farmer’s market community.  Not all niceties by a long shot but worth it.

the cutest farmer's market merchant ever.

the cutest farmer’s market merchant ever.


Plans for next years plantings and schedules are already in the works.  I know if seems crazy early but I feel like we are behind the eight ball already. Hoping to get broccoli, cauliflower and head lettuce started this week.

We kept the 4th very low-key.  A trip to the state park for Yaya, Mae and I in the morning.

Yaya rocking her new hairdo

Yaya rocking her new haircut


Naps, light house cleaning, dinner and small fireworks at the house rounded out the day.  We debated on driving to town for ice cream and the city’s firework display but the idea of battling the crowd with a cranky toddler after her bedtime wasn’t too appealing.

Since the small fireworks at the house were so tame, Mae had no fear and loved it all.

first sparkler

first sparkler


Hope everyone had a wonderful stress free July 4th!



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