flower girl tales

Mae was one of three flower girls in her cousin’s wedding a few weeks ago.


what a beauty….


And since I was a flower girl in my cousin’s wedding many moons ago, I was delighted that Mae got to experience this right of passage.

dancing with daddy before the wedding

dancing with daddy before the wedding


This nine in the morning ceremony on the lake was a simple ceremony in a beautiful location.  There was nothing flashy or overdone at this wedding which made it a treat to be part of.

wedding arbor with early morning mist

wedding arbor with early morning mist


This newly married couple graduated from college a few weeks ago, got married last weekend and returns from their honeymoon to start their new teaching jobs this fall.  I thought my summer after college was action packed but lordy, lordy are they busy!

little romantic touches....

little romantic touches….


Mae was excited to ride in the wagon and had no fears about  heading up the aisle.

heading up the isle

heading up the aisle


beautiful tear-jerker of a  ceremony

beautiful tear-jerker of a ceremony


I had a back row, standing view of the whole ceremony since Mae Mae was hell-bent on running around….

she was just a blur

she was just a blur for most of the day


I braved the extra pounds and self-conscious crap and got out from behind the camera.  I know you can’t tell but Mae and I are facing the camera and smiling.  This was the posed shot….hmmmmm…..need a new photo taker I think.

mama and baby lakeside

mama and baby lakeside


This was also our first out-of-town trip in a hotel with Mae Mae.  We loaded the pack and play in the car and crossed our fingers.  Despite at little crankiness due to heat and fatigue we survived.

Our attempt at the hotel pool was a big fail though.  The pool was jammed packed with a 12-year-old boy’s basketball team for hours and hours.  All the commotion was too much for us and we headed to our room for an early night.

first full size pool experience

first full size pool experience


All and all we came away from this trip having learned a few new things…

1.  We can travel with Mae and survive.  She is a great easy-going toddler, but she has homebody, traveling with a toddler skiddish parents.

2.  OUR CAR IS TOO SMALL.  A mini-van is being discussed………..Yes, I know we only have one child at this point but something has to be done……..

3.  Be leery of an event/wedding in which guests are shuttled to the wedding site.  You will be marooned from your vehicle and feel trapped.  On the bright side it is a good way to keep guests from leaving early.

4.  Weddings are damn stressful for the wedding party and guests alike.  I told Eddie when we finally got to our car 5 hours later, that we need to call everyone in our wedding and apologize.  I don’t think I realized the stress it really entails…..I naively though the stress was solely on the bride and groom’s end of things.

5.  I LOVED OUR WEDDING. Stress, money, more stress and more money aside…. I would do it all over again.


To the newly married couple:

May your first year of marriage be bliss…..(keep your fingers crossed for them, will you?)

May you welcome many beautiful children into your life.

May you always laugh with each other.

Thank you for letting little Mae Mae share in your beginnings……



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