we took a walk

Everyone had been hard at work all day.

Discing, harrowing, fertilizing and seeding twenty acres of pearl millet.


seeded pearl millet

seeded pearl millet



fertilizer buggy ready for speading

fertilizer buggy ready for spreading



Mae and I kept things a little more low-key at the house.  Puzzles, painting, cleaning, furniture rearranging, you know…the usual.

I chuckle when I think about how much my daily duties have changed.

Back when we still had our hay equipment, Papa and I would have been deep in haying season right about now.  Alternating between seedbed prep for summer annuals and getting all the custom cutting done.  I spent umpteen hours on the tractor this time of year back in the day.

While pregnant with Mae, my brother told me to enjoy all the farm vacation I could get because it wouldn’t last.  I think his exact words were “milk it for all it is worth”.  The part that he failed to take into account was that I didn’t want to get out of the farm work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute with Mae and it breaks my heart to leave her for work each day. Making a home and being a mother while working full-time is my focus now.  I long for the infant days of fat rolls, cooing and cuddles but some part of me also longs for days when little Mae Mae can come along on more farm adventures.

Because that is really how I view our farm.  It isn’t really work after all.  It is one big adventure.

But I miss some of the farm duties.  Eddie has come along and taken up my slack.  The farm is thriving and isn’t missing me.

But I miss it.

So, when everyone headed to the house to cleanup and relax for the evening, Mae I headed out for a walk.  I was craving a little farm time by end of the day.

pearl millet germinating summer of 2014

pearl millet germinating summer of 2014


chasing our shadows

chasing our shadows


this is what I got when I asked her to say "cheese"

this is what I got when I asked her to say “cheese”


lady bug on sedge grass

lady bug on sedge grass


visiting the neighbors horse

visiting the neighbors horse


That little stroll around the farm reminded me that  the farm isn’t going anywhere.  My relationship with the farm has changed is all.   My time to work the farm will come again.  By for right now, I get to see the farm through Mae Mae’s eyes.

We can learn and grow up on the farm together.



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