things i ponder

If I had any grandiose expectations of deep philosophical thought as an adult, I think they were squashed today.

As I used my precious nap time to crank up the old productivity meter, I caught myself daydreaming.

I was huddled over a paint can and few items scrounged from around the house in an attempt to give them new life.  Two tables and a shelf to be exact.  If I was a DIY blogger, I am sure I would have thought to take the oooooo so important before pictures. But alas, on this blog you get the I just primed and remembered to take a picture photo.


priming the few items in our house that haven’t been DIY’d already


After a few crazy thoughts running through my head, I did what any mediocre blogger would do.  I grabbed a pen and paper and scribbled a few notes down so they could be then thrown in my purse for later.  Just so you know, the bottom of my purse also doubles as my post idea folder.

First off……………..Do brushstrokes really mean a thing on the primer coat? Does it really matter????

Second……………….Oh, crap.  That is the weed eater I hear. Doesn’t he know that the window is open in her room and she is sleeping? AAAAHHHHHH. (This lead to a stealth run up the stairs and over the old creaky hardwood and all the windows in the house closed.)

Third………………….Who the hell ever decided the drywall spackle should be pink upon application and dry to white is a genius! I love this stuff.

Forth…………………I have no idea where my baby slept last night. What a  crappy mother.  The floor was a little warmer to touch than her bed.  Did she split her time between the floor and bed????  I will never know……  Have I lost my mind, switching Mae over to the toddler bed so soon? She really loves it though…… I can’t believe I can’t tell…….I need one of those fancy schmancy baby monitor camera’s, because if I crack that door those little eyes fly open.  No way in hell I am going to risk it…..


crib to toddler bed conversion


Fifth……………….Maybe I need to ease up on the diaper check frequency a little bit…..I can’t believe Mae pulled out my sports bra, looked down and said “Poop?”.  No honey, wrong end.

A couple of more afternoons like this one and I am going to have all those world problems solved….wink, wink!



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