naptime nerves

My heart races and I am barely breathing.  I am tip toeing stealthy through the house.  Phone is silenced and the only sound is whisper of the bedside fan in her room.

She is asleep and the nap time anxiety is in full swing.  Here comes the overwhelming sense of urgency.  I can hearing the clock ticking in the living room and it doesn’t slow down as I will it too.

This is my shot.  My only shot of the day.  I have got to prioritize and plan my attack as efficiently as possible.

I long ago made myself stop cleaning during these precious few hours.

It might be selfish but I take her nap time as a gift.  A gift of (hopefully) an empty house and a project list.  Most would say that downtime and rest should be the gift but the joy/sense of relief I get while working on my project list outweighs the enjoyment from a couple of hours of quiet.  Not saying it doesn’t happen.  Saturday’s nap time was a book, cup of tea and an hour nap.  I was refreshed and hit the  ground running.  I was spent from the bi-weekly grocery shop, errand marathon, with a toddler in tow during a torrential downpour morning.

Maybe I’ll  paint an old thrift store furniture find, or organize craft supplies, or re-style a few accessories or an entire room, or attempt another new sewing project, or research vegetable varieties to start from seed, or set up a new organizational system around the house that makes life a little smoother etc.

Since I work full-time and hit the sack the minute the baby is asleep at night, my entire free time is this…….I get two nap times a week.

I claim those precious few moments for me.  To recharge and to refresh.  To nest.

Tick tock, tick tock…..Hurry…..




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