so, I took the afternoon off…

and raced home to the garden……

Since I have missed some of the planting due to nap time, I was anxious to get my hands dirty.  I was in desperate need of fresh air to clear out the office clutter…..

YaYa, Papa and I planted to the sound and smell of the rain.

First we carved out a little space for the peppers between the tomatoes and spinach.

Then added some compost and stretched out the drip tape.


Hooked up the drip tape to the main irrigation line.


We stretch and stapled down the plastic and then planted all 36 pepper plants (8 varieties) that I picked up at the local garden center for about twenty dollars.

Red, Green and Yellow Bell, Hungarian Yellow, Habanero, Jalapeno, Cayenne, and Anaheim.

We are well on our way to lots of salsa.

If only I could spend every afternoon listening to the rain in the high tunnel with my folks…….


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