mother’s day 2014

This is technically my third mothers day.

On my first mothers day, Mae Mae wasn’t even a month old and getting a gift from Eddie just felt a little off.  I felt like I was cheating and claiming fame to a holiday that I really didn’t belong to.  To be honest,  I was a little weird-ed out by the whole ordeal.

On my second mothers day, Mae Mae had just turned one and it seemed a little more real.  But I was still deep in the sleep deprivation at this point and the entire event is a little fuzzy. That will happen when you don’t sleep for two years.

This past Sunday was different though. ……

  • Mae Mae and Daddy said “Happy Mother’s Day” and I didn’t roll my eyes.  It felt good.
  • A little girl walked up to me from out of nowhere at Mass and told me “Happy Mother’s Day” and I was genuinely touched.
  • I got my first MD card from Mae complete with crayon scribbles and all.
  • I grumbled under my breath about cleaning the house thinking I should have had the day off.
  • Yaya and Mae picked me a few wildflowers (daisies and clover).
  • Eddie brought home a banana shake for Mae and I to share.
my first ever mother's day bouquet

my first ever mother’s day bouquet


I am starting to feel like a real life mommy.  Not just someone trying it on for size.

I guess the third time’s the charm.


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