It was a barn raising…. of sorts

Eddie and I spent last weekend pitching in with other friends to help out a neighbor.  Her contractor left her high and dry with a partially finished high tunnel.

Here is a shot of our starting point at 9 am.


Curtain walls were up but not finished.   End walls were framed but not finished.  No plastic over the top.

We got the curtain wall up in a flash and started in on the end walls.  You have no idea how thankful I am that the walls were already framed.


Once the end wall plastic was stretched up and draped over inside the high tunnel, we rolled out the plastic for the roof.

Trimmed the excess….

Attached the plastic with wiggle wire to one side to prepare for pulling the plastic over the top……

Attached our softballs, and pulled the plastic over…….

Stretched it tight and put in the wiggle wire to hold it in place……..

We had such a gracious host who spoiled us rotten with yummy goodies like homemade bread, salsa and chips and home-brewed beer. She managed to keep us fed, watered and pitch in. What a lady!

Headed back to work after lunch to finish up the cabling of the curtain walls and door installation.  It was a hot exhausting day but it was spent in good company with good food.  What more could you ask for?

Here is the final product at 6pm.  That victory beer never tasted so good.





Ready, set, plant!




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