It is here…the year of two.

Since we (i mainly mean me….) are still traumatized from the birthday party of one….We opted to skip it all together.  I stressed myself silly last year trying to throw a simple family only party.  The harder I tried to simpify, the more stressed I got.  After last year, I vowed never again.  I also made a promise to steer clear of Pinterest near birthday time.

I took the day off work (Eddie came home early) and started the day off right with an old family tradition of birthday pancakes.  Yaya and Papa joined us for presents and “cakes” as Mae says.


We kept things really simple this year.  A small handful of gifts from family, an afternoon with just the three of us and dinner out.


Dessert was a few cupcakes from the grocery store.  Since this was the first taste of cupcake for Mae, she was thrilled.  Hummy!  Hummy! (as she would say)….



The gift I was the most excited to give was a set of small hand painted peg dolls.  I ordered them from an Etsy shop called Peg and Plum.  Mae loved them!


They come in the sweetest little pouch.  Mae puts them to sleep in their bed over and over.


Mae went right to work fixing everything she could find with her new tool set from Papa,


and flying with her new wings from Yaya.  Don’t try and photograph a kid wearing wings…It is damn near impossible.


The goal of a simple stress free birthday celebration was met.  We did it!  Even though I second guessed myself most of the day…I am so glad that I proved to myself that this is all possible and that Mae wasn’t deprived in any manner.

This is the only photo I managed to snap at dinner.


What a difference from last year.  It really is amazing.  Ready or not…..TWO…..HERE WE COME!

S/W Ver: 97.04.30R




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