7 Quick Takes – Vol 13


Linking up with Jen.

1. Eddie was hard at work this week fixing the tractor that has been broken down most of the winter. The John Deere tractor was in need for many repairs due to the rusted fuel tank and fuel lines. Eddie had success with that repair and got the tractor running only to find a hydraulic leak. It was progress, small as it may be.


Little bit telling Papa and Daddy how to fix the tractor.


2. Mae Mae had her first official hair cut this week. We had just a little trimmed off the back to even it up. She has worked hard for all that hair these past two years and it is just about to get to her shoulders. Mommy was a nervous wreck about how she would do in the chair at the beauty salon. Expect for a minor breakdown in the middle of the trim she did splendidly!


Very serious about her first haircut!

3. I have to brag on Yaya’s African Violets for just a moment. Look at these beauties. Believe it or not, those petals are a deep brilliant purple. The camera phone distorted the color some. Aren’t these the biggest, heartiest African Violets you have ever seen. Yaya has hell of a green thumb. If you have a plant in need of some emergency care you need to send it her way.



African Violets on steroids!


4. Sunday brought some nice weather to the farm. We took a few minutes to clean up around the garden a little and Mae was a big help picking up sticks. A few of them got a little big but that didn’t slow her down.



Look at those muscles!


5. YaYa and Mae spent a little time playing in the creek this weekend. I have many memories swimming and playing in the creek as a kid and I can’t wait for Mae to have the same. Looking back at all those unsupervised hours at the creek, makes me wonder if I will be able to release my mommy grip and let her roam. Does it still count if I hide in the weeds to supervise?


6. I think we have a little farm fashionista on our hands. This kid loves gloves, hats, bows, boots and all accessories as far as I can tell. When is the last time you heard a not quite two-year old ask to wear her gloves? Or, wear a stocking cap to the dinner table? Crazy huh?


7. Spring is creeping in…..Welcome! Fashionably late is better than never!




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