hello, hello?

Hard at work surfing the web when my cell phone rang this morning…..

Incoming call from PaPa’s cell phone.


“Mommy? kgjllgkjdjgkljg….giggle, giggle…….lakdjgfdiojoidgd………giggle……..”

Click.  Call over.

I call back thinking that Mae and Papa are in the truck and she is playing with his phone.

No answer.

Call again.

No answer.

Call my house.

No answer.

Call YaYa and Papa’s house.

“Hello?  Dad, Mae just called me.  Wait, what do you mean she isn’t with you?  Oh.  She has your cell phone at daycare.  What?????”

Call Daycare.

“Hello?  Mae just called me.  Yep, it is a real phone.  So all the kids have been playing with it this morning?  No, they didn’t figure out how to make it play music.  That was me calling.  You might want to check and see who else they called.  Ok. Thanks. Bye.”

And I thought the call she made last week to 911 was entertaining.

Just so you know, the sheriff’s office will call back to determine the nature of the call.

Unrelated photo of the little cutie

Unrelated photo of the little cutie


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