Hot Gate! Hot Gate!

Electric Fence is the only way to go around our farm.  I have mentioned before that we strictly use 12.5 gauge hi-tensile electric fence.  We have just recently made a few small additions to our fencing layout. This of course added a few more gates.

Single strand electric gates are as user-friendly as it gets.  Our go to gate material is 1/8″ galvanized cable.  This gate can be opened, dropped and driven over without any damage to the fence.  Our grazing system had 18 permanent paddocks so having a durable gate is paramount.

All the gates have an underground electrified insulated wire running through conduit that transfers the electricity to the next stretch of fence.  This means that the gate is only “hot” when it is closed.  Without the underground gate connection, the gate would be “hot” at all times and would have to be closed in order to prevent a short.  That is a lot of unnecessary opening and closing of gates.

Here is a diagram of this type of gate layout:


Coutersy of NRCS: Electric Fencing for Serious Graziers


In an effort to speed the process along, we rented a small trenching machine for half a day to take care of a few gates that we had left to do.


Eddie running the rented trencher.


Then the YaYa and Papa crew with their handy-dandy little helper jumped in for the next step of laying the conduit filled with insulated hi-tensile wire.


Laying the conduit in the trench.



Then we all set to work backfilling the trench.  Mae spent most of the time throwing rocks that may or may not have made it into the trench.


Backfilled gate trench.


After a lunch and nap break, Mae and I met back up with YaYa and Papa (who were still hard at it) to help with all the fencing connections at each gate.  Mostly we only brought distraction but we did come with intentions of helping.


Hooking up the final connections for the gate.

Gates are hot folks!

And just because I couldn’t resist yet another photo. Check out this cutie!


How cute is this little farmer???







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