Move over clutter

So what do you do when you have lost your office space since you gave your toddler the master bedroom??

You mosey down to the half-finished guest room/storage hell hole in the basement to carve out a space……

As all projects in my house go…..They start with nap time and end an hour and half later with a wake up call from the crib.

With a cup of tea and a baby montior, I made my way downstairs to box, shuffle, sort, donate, pitch and wish away the pile of crap. A very unique pile of crap to say the least.

Believe it or not, there is a queen bed and a double bed under all of this.  And if you are wondering, that is a stuffed fox coyote on the bed. Yes, it is real.  The fox coyote and the bumper of Eddie’s truck had a little run in many years ago.

And of course, over on the double bed we have a few deer.  Doesn’t everyone have deer heads lying around on spare beds next to the deer rifle still loaded from last deer season?


As much as I would like to pretend that forgotten bedrooms in my house don’t gather the dirt like they do….I have proof.  Old basement windows are tough to keep clean.


Keeping only the spare beds and the furniture that would stay in my space, I ended up with this an hour and half later.


and looking back to the door….


You will have to excuse all the taxidermy living on top of my stored mattresses.

And even though I have worked to declutter, I have already made a new purchase for the room.    I picked up this awesome lamp at a thrift store for $45.  Despite the crummy picture, it is a wonderful mustard yellow color that will brighten the basement. I was so excited by this find.


I have so many ideas for this space. It is far from done. I have painting to do, rugs to find, furniture to paint, more lighting to find, a larger crafting table to locate, etc.

Project space….sewing, blogging, crafts for kids…..Eddie keeps asking what this space is….or what to call it.

I am leaning toward….the whatever I want to do with it room.

What?  Is it just a little too long???

Any suggestions?





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