Mid-Week Round up of Sorts

If a weekend roundup doesn’t make it to the screen till Thursday, does it still count?

Here goes my mid-week weekend roundup…..

It was a weekend of extremes for sure. Saturday felt like Spring was thinking about joining us and Sunday we were socked in under snow and ice. I took a few photos on Saturday but refused to take another picture of the crummy ice….


Mae Mae was all about exploring. But, she was adamant that she go it alone. She told us to stay and her little rubber roots started the journey to the center of the wheat field. She make it about an 1/8 of mile on her own before she started to turn back. The entire time, we could catch little snippets of a conversation she was apparently having with the cows that were nowhere to be seen. There was a lot of “hey, cow….hey, cow…..papa, hay…cows…….bye, stay, come on…..”


Those little legs of hers got a work out for sure.


Eddie and Papa got some more fence built.  We use electric fence exclusively on our farm.  Teaching Mae Mae about the safety issues surrounding the electric fence will be a long ongoing discussion for many years.  Right not, at almost two….she doesn’t have any concept of the boundary that the fence is providing.  And why should she?  At this point, she can still walk right underneath that single strand of hi-tensile wire.


Sunday brought ice that made the drive home from Mass a little treacherous.

Waffles for Mae.  She is a bigger fan of the batter than the actual waffle.  Funny.


Since we were cooped up in the house for a snow day, we decided to breakout an early birthday present for Mae that was hiding in the basement.  In typical first time parent fashion, we broke out the video camera after nap thinking that we would get a big reaction on tape.

Well…..Mae wasn’t quite awake all the way and it was a bit of let down.  She did warm up to the easel by end of the day. But at first the look she gave us said something like, “What is all the fuss about, it’s just chalk??????”.

IMG_20140316_141813750_HDR - Copy


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