Let’s talk land

What is land worth to you?

Your neighbor?
The tax assessor?
The bank?

Land value seems like a floating mystical cloud of foggy comparables and appraisal hogwash.

The point I am after is this…..
Nothing is more valuable in my eyes than the land you already own. That is until the neighbors farm goes up for sale. When land is for sale that adjoins you, suddenly all sense of financial logic goes out the window.

Desperation takes over.

Thoughts like this run wild in my head…
This is my only chance. It will never be for sale again in my lifetime.
What if the seller decides to sell it off in small parcels?
What if those small parcels turn into a glorified subdivision?
What if I don’t try to buy it? Will I regret it?
Holy crap! They want a lot of money for it…..
I want it. I want it. I want it.
Is is sane to even think about more land debt?
Will the banker laugh at me when I ask him about purchasing it?

We are in land apprasial, debt consideration, and trying to not make a decision based on the fear of the unknown, limbo around here.  Time will tell.

I don’t know the answer to most of these questions I have posed but I do know that to a farmer, land is priceless.

Please don’t tell our neighbor…….


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