Where did you go, Spring?

So, the birds are chirping, easter lilies sprouting and Spring is in the air…..

Well, somewhere it must be but not here.

This is the time of year when our high tunnel should be starting up. We should be counting down the days to the end of hay feeding. The warming days should be teasing us and getting us itchy for the summer heat on our backs.

I keep scanning these pictures for a hint of Spring but it just leaves me cold…..



Instead we have wind damage on the high tunnel. Nothing major but something to be dealt with. We have had some incredibly strong and cold wind this winter.



The high tunnel structure has done very well with all that winter has thrown our way.  It was just the plastic on the doors that was ripped away and needs attention.


Back at the casa, veggie seed has been started.  Plants will be ready to go in 6 weeks.  Lets hope that mother nature is ready by then.

Yesterday I got busy in the basement and planted 5 varieties of tomatoes, one variety of grape tomatoes and cucumbers.  288 plants in all.


Even though it may not feel like winter will ever end, the basement at least smells a little bit like spring.


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