Winter Weather Recap

So the weather has been a little crazy. I am sure you have heard since the media hasn’t stop talking about something called the polar vortex. Not really sure that I understand the concept of what a polar vortex is…. but to me it seems like winter. Granted we haven’t really experienced a winter in a few years. I think we have just all gotten a little soft about the cold. This is coming from the girl who stayed cooped up with Mae during the really cold snaps so don’t take my words to heart. Papa and Eddie fought the extreme cold (-12) and foot of snow.

Here is how the view looked from the inside. It was too damn cold to get out and get a picture.


Here is shot of the snow drifting outside Mae Mae’s window. Ok, maybe is was pretty bad after all……


When my office finally opened after the first snow, this is what the highways looked like that first morning headed to work.


What do you do on a snow day???? Well you play dress up! That is Mae Mae’s baby monitor in her hand. She is taking your picture with it and saying “CHEESE”. Can you hear her?


You watch all the snow action from your own window with the seat designed just for you.


And when you come down with pinkeye and the flu, you cuddle up in the chair and eat your favorite….NOONALS. That is noodles for the rest of us.


We piled the wood in the furnace, chased each other around the house, watched a little Netflix (or “eeeevie” for TV as it is called in our house), played with the baby dolls, puzzles, and whatever else we could find to do……

Got a wild hair on one of those snow days that I was off work and switched bedrooms with Mae.  Little Bit and I got all the furniture and such moved by ourselves in a few hours.  She was a great little helper as she hauled toys and whatever else she could get her hands on.  The larger bedroom will give her much more room to spread out those toys, prep for sharing a room with another baby one day and keep her much warmer.  The room she was in, is over the walkout basement portion of the house and is terribly hard to keep warm.  And I could never get the layout in Mae’s old room to flow well.  Problem is solved.  Extra bonus is that even though both rooms are a generous size, the smaller one that we are now in is much cozier.

Well, that about rounds out our bad weather update for January. How did you survive the vortex?


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