Country or Farm?

If you live within driving distance of a Target or Costco then you probably think they are one in the same……

Isn’t a farm in the country? Well…yes, technically it is.  But there is a distinct difference between the lifestyle of someone raised in the country and not farming and the lifestyle of a farming family.

This is a distinction that I didn’t really start to see until well into my twenties.

I think it really came to light when I started dating.  Naively, I thought that rural living was going to the common denominator in my dating life….Turns out it was, kind of….

A country or rural lifestyle in itself is a wonderful, slow, relaxed, nature oriented lifestyle.  The focus in our neck of the woods is hunting, trailing riding (atvs), boating riding at the river, trucks, guns, quilting, sports, and many other hobbies.  Trends are slow to hit our area if they make it at all.  Privacy is paramount and relaxation, family time, and church family are given their due.

A farming family lifestyle mimics this to degree.  It is a nature oriented lifestyle too but in a different way.  Conservation of resources that keep the land productive takes the focus.  Conversations about soil health, soil fertility, and soil and water conservation are welcomed at the dinner table.  Production talks include cattle conception and calving rates, body condition scores, frame scores, bull soundness exams, feed prices, hat test results and don’t forget the WEATHER.


Relaxation is almost never given its due.  There is always work to be done.

Farming is hard.

Farming never takes a day off.

But the satisfaction from a good days work on the farm is hard to beat.  For me, there isn’t a better feeling then the sun setting on a good days work that the whole family was part of.  It could be hauling hay, seedbed prep, fence repair, working cattle or numerous other things but the warm fuzzy feeling I get at the end of the day is precious.  It is a reminder that we are doing it….


(I want to shout it from the hills most days….)

Fall 2013

Being part of a farming family is a wonderful experience that can draw you closer through the everyday hardships of contributing to this countries food supply.  There is something a little magical and romantic about being part of this age-old tradition of cultivating the land.

Years ago, I had the privilege of meeting the grandmother of a guy that I was dating at the time.  (It was a long time ago and far, far away as my Dad would say.)  Within minutes of meeting me, the woman asked me if I had a farming heart.  I didn’t even know that there was even such a thing but I was instantly teary eyed a looked her in the eye and even though it was news to me…said yes.

So remember, not everyone who lives out in the sticks is farming.

Farming takes a special kind of heart.


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