7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 12

Been a while since I linked up with Jen.  Feeling the need to  link up to jump-start the new year.

1.  So posting was down to once a week this month.  Not my best effort for sure.  The holidays squeezed out any last free minute I had.  Plan to get up and running soon.  Have plans for a few series. 

2.  Every blog I read is full of New Year’s greetings, resolution lists, top ten lists…..AAHHHH!!!!!!! I don’t think I can take another post on the subject.  I promise no such thing here in my little spot in the world.  Doesn’t mean that I don’t make a goal list for the year but the subject just feels so worn out in blogging land that I won’t burden you.

3.  Got a little reprieve in the cold weather for a day or two.  Took a walk up the creek to stomp any last remaining ice, play in the cold sand and explored the treasures around the farm. 


4.  We made a mad dash to the woods to cut more firewood before it turned fridge again.  It felt really good to move a few muscles and breathe in some fresh winter air.  We have been cooped up too long.


5.  Christmas decor is down and even though I am sad to see it go there is something refreshing about de-cluttering and starting the new year with a fresh space.  Some of my decor hasn’t been touched since we moved in our rental a year ago.  This is my chance to update and freshen up…Looking forward to Saturday nap time when I can race around and shop my house!

 6.  Lost a calf this week.  Not sure what happened but we are fairly certain the neighbor’s dogs are at least partially at fault.  This is the second calf this fall.  Warnings have not been headed for numerous years across the fence.  Something has to be done since we have taken about a $2000 hit just this fall alone.  Not a pleasant subject but one that has to be dealt with in the life of a livestock operation.

 7.  Growth spurt galore these days around the house.  Boots are tight and after a little stomach bug last week, Mae Mae is eating up a storm.  She is bottomless pit!  We try so hard to promote healthy eating habits and it is rewarding when there is reprieve in the toddler picky eating.  She is always happy to share though!


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