Play Kitchen Wrap Up!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Just wanted to tear away from all the fun to share with you what we have been hard at work on around the casa. Eddie and I re-worked an old nightstand into a play kitchen just in time for Christmas for little Mae Mae.  And by just in time, I mean that touch-up paint was still drying when I left for midnight mass on Christmas eve and the kitchen wasn’t brought up from the basement and staged until 6am Christmas morning.  By the hair of our chinny, chin, chin…….

Play Kitchen Before

Play Kitchen After

Originally, I thought we could leave both of the doors on and use them as is.  Turns out that due to the nice curved detail on this nightstand, it wasn’t possible to just switch the hinges from the side to the bottom.  So, both doors came off and a new drop down stove door was added.  Eddie used some scrap lumber lying around to build the divider wall and add the shelves.

The rack in the stove is a trimmed down to size cooling rack from the kitchen.  I borrowed the light in the stove idea from Young House Love.  It is just a small touch light and Mae can turn it on when she wants her stove to be on.  The plexiglass for the door cost $.43 at our local glass shop.

I whipped a small little curtain out of some pink gingham fabric.


The microwave was a surprise early gift from my brother and it just happened to fit in the bottom shelf perfectly.  We did use a little velcro on it as well so that it would stay put when Mae tugged on the door.

The stove top burners are just CD’s spray painted black and the faucet and handles were cut from scrap wood by Eddie and spray painted silver.  The sink is a stainless steel bowl and the basket on the side is full of play food.  The utensil caddy is a $3 flowerpot that I secured with velcro.



I am sure that more accessories will be added over time but I think we have a great start.  I am picturing a cute little teapot!

Cost – $80.  That is the cost of the nightstand at $35, paint and all accessories.

I know that pinterest is full of these play kitchens.  If you are interested in making one but hesitant to tackle it, just dive right in. There is no right or wrong way to do this.  Whatever you have on hand or readily available will do.  Even though the need for perfection gets to me just about everyday, don’t let it stop you from building/trying any crafty or pinteresty idea.  JUST DO IT!

Play Kitchen in Action

There will be hours upon hours of enjoyment!


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