Can you stand another Christmas Post?

In the middle of crazy christmas holiday party prep saturday we made a mad dash to town to ensure that little bit had her yearly awkward Santa photo. Our little museum in town does a fairly good christmas tree and model train display in addition to the Santa’s workshop.

Let’s start with last year’s picture…..I am ashamed to admit the amount of stress wrapped up in that cute little holiday dress Mae is wearing. Being my first holiday dress experience, I went completely overboard with the pressure I put on myself.

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Picture this. One trip to JCPenny’s and two outfits purchased. One trip to Kohl’s and another two outfits being purchased…..followed by too numerous to remember stops to find the perfect pair of dress shoes. Calls to my mother and sister and pictures sent of each outfit from the store to them both. I am not one to waffle around about clothes selection but the holiday perfection pressure got to me. On the car ride home I was sweaty, frustrated and completely wrung out. It wasn’t until a few days later that I could shake the stress and get a better perspective on the entire riduculous venture. All but one of the dresses went back and we skipped wearing the shoes that I had finally settled on. Mae wasn’t walking yet and they didn’t really fit anyway.

Flash forward one year later.

Wake up Saturday morning, remember that it is the 14th of December and that it necessary to track down a Santa somewhere. Yep, just as I thought. The only Santa available the rest of the month in a 35 miles radius is today from 1-5. No matter that we are having a large holiday party tonight at our house with lots of prep left to do and that we don’t have a holiday outfit. Let’s put on our favorite overalls and rubberboots and hit the road.

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Mae wasn’t too keen on Santa but loved her first candycane!


Christmas in overalls and boots!

The entire experience was much more enjoyable without all the extra pressure.   We will have to repeat again next year!

On a sidenote, that is the same Santa as last year and I hope that it continues to be for the near future.  How great would it be to have pictures with the same exact Santa every year!!!!!


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