Tree has been Trimmed!

As I type the title of this post, I can’t help but wonder where the phrase, “Trim the Tree” came from. Did it literally mean to trim the branches in someway or did the “trim” have a different connotation as some point. Must make it a point to look that up…..

Our Charlie Brown Cedar Tree  Dr. Seuss tree has now been gussied up and ready to flaunt its fineness for all to see.  This posted is a little heavy on the pics.  Bear with me.

This is how we started.  A little bit of leftover dinner on your face is necessity to trim a tree.  Don’t you know?


Mae was big help with the lights……


Until she wasn’t……………..


Little Bit decided at some point a diaper was not needed for decorating…….


Homemade ornaments galore……What is tree without a light bulb angel?


This one gets a chuckle out of me every year……


Well..for a first time decorating event with 19th month old it didn’t turn out too shabby!


Eddie isn’t quite sold on the Dr. Seuss, scrappy cedar idea but I am in love with it.  There is nothing written anywhere that a tree has to be cookie cutter designer masterpiece.  The more character the better as far as I am concerned.

Did something a little different with the buffet this year.  Got the old burlap and white lights out and gave it a go.


Mae is pretty impressed with Santa!


Merry Christmas All!


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