Almost a successful sledding trip…..


This is how it got started.  Got Mae Mae settled in on the sled in her new muck boots.


Started to pull…..We are about 2 minutes into the fun at this point.


She is loving everything about this. Even the 19 degree temp isn’t slowing her down.


And here is where the pictures stop.  Mae tipped to the side and fell face first in the snow.  Poor thing had so many clothes on she just stuck there and couldn’t move.  I snatched her up and tried to brush off as much snow as I could.  That is when the screaming started.  She was so cold and shook up that we headed straight for the house to defrost…..

Hmm… so to recap……..It took twice as long to get her dressed for the snow than the time spent actually sledding!  Maybe next time.


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