Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Snow has arrived.  We had about 6-8 inches of snow at the tail end of last week that is still hanging around thanks to the bitter cold. Lot of schools and business closed including my office as it turned out.   Mae Mae and I used the time to put on the christmas music and decorate for the holidays. The Christmas spirit is running wild at our little house now!  The only thing left to do is to put up a tree.

Christmas trees in our area are good old eastern red cedar trees. Spruce, douglas fir or the likes are only to be found in christmas tree lots. And as far as I know, there aren’t any christmas tree farms left for at least 100 miles. So that leaves us with a cedar off the farm…..but this year they are starting to get a little sparse. We may need to hop the fence (with permission of course) to the neighbors next year.

After Mass on Sunday, we piled in the truck on a search for a Charlie Brown tree as it turns out. Mae Mae wasn’t due for a nap for a few hours but immediately got fussy and asked to nurse. She nursed and promptly fell asleep in my arms. The sound of the chain saw, slamming truck doors or heated debates over which tree made the best candidate couldn’t wake this sleeping babe.


I had visions of taking picturesque shots of Mae Mae cutting down her first tree with her daddy and sweeping shots of the snowy landscape.  A sleeping baby in your arms will limit your mobility a bit though.  So here are my priceless photos to document the time-honored tradition that Mae Mae slept right through.


There is Eddie on the far left cutting down tree number one.  When he got it back to the truck it didn’t wow us…so we headed off for tree number two.


This is the tree that I liked the best but Eddie favors the first one.  Both trees are sitting on our front porch hopefully drying off a little and shedding some snow.  We plan on bringing one in this evening to decorate.  There may be a tussle of which one though…the jury is still out.

Here is my shot of the beautiful snowy landscape truck door and all.  Be impressed!



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