I am putting the work down and walking away.  Need a break and need to post. 

I read this post this morning and it really got me thinking.

So what is on my daydream list these days…….

  • A quiet morning with cup of hot chocolate, my robe and a good book.  No tip-toeing around those pesky, creaky boards in the house while holding my breath as to not wake the baby.  No stress to get up, beg the baby to eat breakfast and rush for the door.  Just a morning when Daddy and baby go out and about for a few hours.  Preferably a cold and rainy day but through the magic of dreams the furnace would be magically stoked and ready to go.  
  •  An actually date.  Not sure what that even is these days.  Haven’t been on one in multiple years.  Maybe a day away to wander the flea markets and go out to eat.  Somewhere close as I am tired of putting in the hours in the car.
  •  A small shopping trip with no guilt.  A few new clothes to fit this post pregnancy bod that doesn’t seem to want to go back where it started. 
  • I dream of time to post.  The ability to stay awake past nine would greatly help but since my laptop and the tv fight over bandwidth, I usually lose out to the Netflix and go to bed.
  • Days home with Mae Mae to play.  Not to do housework but to just play.  I feel so guilty when I am rushing to put in another load of laundry while convincing Mae Mae that sweeping the floor is a fun new game.
  • A girls night of too much beer and lots of laughs.
  • An acne free day, or month or year.   I will take anything I can get at this point. 
  • A brand new bag to covet.  Like this on Etsy that I have been admiring for so long. I am thinking English Saddle or Vintage Cognac…….
  • A trip.  Anywhere.  If money was no object and traveling with a toddler was a breeze I would be already be on the road.  It may sound corny but I want to do the classic midwest road trip.  Yellowstone, Colorado, Wyoming…..that sort of thing.
  • A day to spend on the farm without the mommy guilt and housewife guilt.  To be able to just let it lay and go accomplish something on my farm wish list.
  • I want to have the guts to throw out/donate most of the toys in the house and pare down to a few treasured items.
  • I dream of money and time to buy fabric to make some killer blackout curtains for Mae Mae’s room.
  • I literally dream of floor plans and construction materials nightly.  My daydream is to finally be able to move forward on that dream. 
  • I want to have the hutzpah to tell my extended family and friends about my blogging undertaking.
  • I dream of submitting a few articles to a few of my favorite blogs.  Time, energy and guts are running a little short around here.
  • Homemade guacamole, blue tortilla chips from Trader Joe’s and a Boulevard Wheat beer
  • I want the courage and freedom to not fuss or worry about how a post might sound… I just want to dump the thoughts on the screen and go.

 Well on that note.  I think I will give the last one a go.  Here goes nothing.


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