Weekend Roundup Vol 11

Cold season hit us hard this weekend so Mae Mae and I we relinquished to the house most of the time. We did manage to get a little sun. How cute is this kid?  And don’t even think of trying to get those rubber boots off.  She is not having it.  If fact, she wore them pretty much all weekend. She made a game out of taking them on and off….on and off….on and off….You can see where this is going.




Eddie did manage to get the new feeding floor lined with its first layer of sawdust. Equipment breakdown and all. A small group of weaned steers and heifers from Spring of 2013 will be going into the barn shortly. Soon this sawdust will be covered in manure and then on its way to compost.


Water tank turned on and ready to go.


Spring calves got weaned and heifers we sold left the farm. Not bad for a weekend with fewer hands to help.


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