7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 11

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1.  Fall Family photos are finally scheduled for Monday.  This usually means the stress of outfit selection and shopping has already begun.  But, I am making it a point to make this as non-fuss as possible.  I am sure we can find something in our closets that will work and since the photographer is coming to us, we can just take a stroll and snap a few photos.  Most of the time after a photography shopping spree, I end up wearing something I already had anyway.  Well…this is the plan. –  A LOW STRESS PHOTO SHOOT.  Wish us luck.

2.  Bad news. We did end up with one bottle calf and he didn’t make it.  The poor thing ended up with pneumonia after his mother walked away.  I am a total mush about these type of things since having a baby.  It really eats at me.

3.  “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!!!!”  Those are the words of the minute, hour, day and week around here.  Mae says them so clearly now and so often and in some ways it melts my heart to hear them but there are times when I feel the terrible two’s creeping up as she gets stuck on repeat.    

4.  We have had a crazy fluke of good sleep this week.  For the life of me, I don’t know what changed.  For three nights in a row Mae only got up twice compared to her usual 5-6 times.  Of course this meant that I was awake anyway watching her sleep and worrying.  Last night we went backward some but she has a little runny nose a low-grade fever so that is to be expected.  This is making me so superstitious about every little detail of the nighttime routine as I try to keep this streak going.

5.  The sugar and processed food purge continues in our house.  It has been a month or two without any sugar (other than fruit).  I have always eaten pretty healthy but I have really ramped up the focus this fall.  The focus has always been on eliminating the excess or harmful products.  I think the cutting has gone as deep as it can and now I need to focus on the addition of nutrient dense food items.  I am intrigued by the smoothie craze but leery of finding some truly healthy recipes.  Any recipe advice would be great!  Grocery shopping twice a month and meal planning has been such a positive change.  We had a hog butchered a few weeks ago and man-o-man…the bacon and pork chops are out of this world.  It is crazy to get warm fuzzies over a freezer full of meat but it is comforting to know it is there. 

6.  We are marketing some heifers directly off the farm this fall without the use of the local sale barn.  This has always been one of the farm goals and it feels wonderful to finally reach it. Here is a photo of the girls before they leave the farm.

Spring 2012 Heifers sold fall of 2013

7.  Mae and I have been attending Mass and I have been meeting with our priest to start RCIA classes.  BIG SCARY STEPS but also a relief to be finally taking steps forward after longing too for so long.  It is exciting!

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  1. I came here fron Conversion Diary because of your picture. I grew up on a farm and I love love baby calves. I had to see what the cow photo was all about.

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