7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 10

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1.  Furlough has ended…I cried like Mae was a newborn when I dropped her off a daycare yesterday.  It was wonderful spending time with her.  Almost the extended maternity leave I never got.  If we could swing it, I would be home fulltime in a heartbeat. I know if sounds crazy but now that I am back at work, I should be able to get back to regular posting routine again.  There is too much going on at the farm not to write it all down.

2.  It is so strange to me, the change in our home when I was furloughed.  The dynamic was so different.  My husband was the sole bread winner and I ran the household and farm.  I know that a good portion of the world functions like that daily but not us.  It was refreshing to see most of the daily household struggles melt away.  There wasn’t a mental scorecard with points for dinner prep and chores.  The clear division of duties took all the stress out of it.  The pull of way too many damn things to do was starting to creep up even after just one day back to work.  I feel like I tried on a completely different lifestyle for a few weeks and settled right in.  Now…..how do I get back?

3.  Mae is a dancing queen.  She has a little dance in which is puts one arm out like she is doing the chicken dance, stomps that same foot and spins around.  It is so sweet.  Any beat and she is up and moving.  Music and kitty cats top her list of favorites at 18mths old.  If I only knew how the heck to get a video posted….So much about blogging to learn.

4.  I snuck in the living room to get a private Mae dance party on video and was marginally successful.  She did continue to dance for another few minutes which is a miracle.  Why do kids automatically stop whatever cute thing they are doing as soon as the camera comes on?  Our video was cut short though when Mae stopped to pick up something on the hardwood that after further inspection turned out to be poop.  Yep, she danced that poop right out the side of that diaper. And we are blessed to have it all on tape!

5.  I just came across this website.  I am very familiar with this one called Local Harvest.  It is a great resource for locals CSA’s.  But, Farms Near Me is another great resource if you are looking for locally grown produce or meat.  Go take a look at your zip code and I am sure you will be surprised at what you find.

6.  It is that time of year, when we run around like we didn’t know that winter was coming and frantically fill the basement with wood.  We heat solely with wood and since it got down to the mid 30’s last night, it is becoming a bit of issue.  Eddie has been putting in long days, weekends and nights but I think he is about to get it knocked out.  I remember fondly so many days cutting firewood as a kid and I am looking forward to Mae being old enough to help. 

7.  We have fall family photos planned for around the first of November. We are just about in full fall color now so I am little disappointed about missing the fall foliage in photos.  We are trying out a new photographer and she is busy having a baby until November.  So…since we have heard such great things about her, we will wait and see.  She is coming to us so we have full access to the farm.  I just pulled up last year’s fall photos and was truly blown away by the changes in Mae in just a year.

J 340

Fall of 2012 – 8 months old

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