7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 9

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1.  Wheat is growing well.


2.  I took my first trip to the library with Mae Mae this week.  I have been hesitant because she tends to eat the pages of any non board-book.  We braved it and went in to check out the children’s section.  She make it a point to sit in every little person chair and tear down every Halloween decoration she could find.  As we are getting ready to leave, Mae Mae bent over and NOISILY filled her diaper.  It echoed in the VERY, VERY, VERY, QUIET library.  It was all I could do to stifle a giggle and head for the checkout desk.

3.  E-books at the library.  Did you know that you can checkout e-books from your library and read them on your reader at home.  How crazy!  How did I not know this?  WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME????  It would have saved me a few bucks.

4.  Mae and I walked back to the barn after the evening cow check the other night instead of catching a ride with Eddie.  She was happy as a lark to walk the ¼ mile all on her own.  We explored every rock, leaf, bug, cow pattie, grass, weed and anything else we could find.  Mae and I raced some…I say, “Ready, Set, GO” and she takes off running for a short distance.  Yaya taught her this and we did it most of the way back to the barn.  It was one of those evening that I just wanted to bottle up all the giggles to remember it all.



5.  Mae and I moved cows this morning to a fresh section of grass at daybreak.  There is nothing like a dewy morning, a happy bebe in her pj’s, happy cows and a brand new calf to start the day.  This furloughed mommy is not wanting to return to the daily grind of the day job.

6.  Headed to our local arts and crafts festival tomorrow.  It is a small town reunion of sorts. Everyone comes home this weekend.  We haven’t made it down there in a few years and I am excited to take Mae Mae for the first time.  They always have a booth of some of the neatest wooden toys and I have an excuse to buy some now!

7. Started this book this week.  Ordered the large print version by mistake so it now comes total of about 700 pages…..Oops.  Despite the VERY LARGE print, I am intrigued by this author’s take on our dilemma of “What’s for dinner?”.  I will report back when I finish.  Has anyone else already read it?  Thoughts?

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  1. I love our library. Not only can I download books and music, I can request any book in the system and within a few days I get a call saying it is at my local branch for me to pick up (unless it is already checked out). I can browse the catalog in my jammies and run in and out to get my stack of books.

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