Come on in Murphy!

Furlough has put Mae and I on full time farm duty and we are loving it……


When the folks are out of town it is a requirement that something go wrong on the farm.  It is a proven fact.

Day numero uno…..check the heifers at 10am…..all 12 were fat and happy.  We went back around dusk for a final check before bed and we found the corner post that held up the gate to the field the heifers were in was….LYING FLAT ON THE GROUND.  Yep, the damn thing had rotted off at the ground and had fallen over taking the fence and gate with it.  So, to paint a picture for you…there was nothing stopping the heifers from wandering up the lane and right out onto the highway.  Yep, that is right.  NOTHING STOPPING THEM FROM THE HIGHWAY.

As it was getting dark, we had to improvise quickly.  We drove a steel t-post in the ground and tied the corner post to it.  I think we need to take bets now to see how long it stays just like this before we get a permanent fix in place.  See our mad fencing skills below.


Day 2….New calf out in the neighbor’s yard.  Got the calf back in quick enough by some miracle but discovered a THIRTY FOOT HOLE IN THE FENCE.  Don’t know how long it has been there but we borrowed a fencing pliers from the neighbor and patched it back before dark.

Day 3…..All is well

Day 4……Car won’t start.  Eddie had to come rescue us from the side of the road.  Tightened up the battery cable connection and we are off.  I now have a socket set in the floor board of the car so that I can rescue myself next time.

Day 5……To be determined.


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